Chris evans being adorable on The Tonight Show.

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Apr 24

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Apr 23
lol you changed your url three times in the span of what, a couple minutes a few weeks back? You need stability in your life smh. And that’s true. Don’t talk to me about Tywin or military tactics bc I know nothing. Starks on the other hand are cool.

that was a difficult time.
haha this stark filter rn~~ why don’t we discuss the inner workings of the frey household?!

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Apr 23
haha it’s 36 pages. That’s def over 100. And then adding your other usernames like Lunalovegewd and Manderlymermaid there’s a couple more right there. lol we really do talk a lot.

omw my identity crises urls on blast rn. tho our main topics are starks and this fandom haha.

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lol maybe. I just checked and I have 85 pages of us talking just under this version of your username lol.

lol it’s gotta be way over 100 with bloodravenous then

”In any given episode I play up to… five clones? season one? I think. Yeah, and like three in a day sometimes. Which is a trip” — Tatiana Maslany for Vanity Fair Magazine (x)

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Apr 23

haha i think me and jeynewaters could prob have like an adwd sized book if we complied our asoiaf posts.